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About Us

After meeting and marrying, Kevin and Caryn Lavender quickly decided to combine their collective artistic talents.

Kevin L. has been involved in many of the arts including sculpture, ceramics, painting, jewelry making and is a published cartoonist. Training in life figure studies was at Glendale College in the Los Angeles area. After acquiring his first tattoo in 1974 on the way home from marine corps boot camp (honorably discharged veteran), he started tattooing in 1976 and opened his first professional tattoo studio (Yucca Valley Tattoo) in 1985 in Yucca Valley California. In 1993 he moved north and opened the first ever tattoo studio in Sandpoint, Idaho (Sandpoint Tattoo), totaling over 30 years of experience as a tattoo artist working with customers to come up with a designs that were unique. He has since retired from tattooing and is designing tattoos and painting at House Lavender.

Caryn Lavender (nee' Helm) has over 20 years of experience with fine and commercial art, and has put designs on everything from motorcycle helmets to a golf cart, as well as having her work displayed in various galleries. She is also the webmaster at House Lavender, and has designed and their various incarnations.

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