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We will not sell your information to anyone for any reason. Period.

If for some reason there is a legal matter and we are required by law to release information, we will do so.

We use cookies on this site. These cookies are used to determine whether you are logged in and where you have been on this site (breadcrumbs). You may delete these cookies at any time in your browser. We do not now and will never track your activities outside your use of this site.

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We do not request any information other than what is necessary for you to complete a purchase.

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If you somehow receive an e-mail from us that you aren't expecting, please contact us.

The only customer information we gather is directly related to your purchase.

We do not store any customer information online.  

Regarding Art at House Lavender

The ads posted here belong to the people who posted them and they are solely responsible for their content. We didn't do it, they did.

Art at House Lavender makes no claim against your art, your art work is your own. We will not use your work in any manner other than that intended by you, the artist.

Information collected on this site includes your name, your email address, photos you post with your ads, and any information you post in your art listing.

We only send e-mails for an ad transaction, or request that you, the customer, have made.

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